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On Finder's Businesses and Services search you can find contact information for companies and the public sector. Finder Commercial Search also includes information on company activities, finance and responsible persons. You can also find information on public tender requests within the EU as well as quotation requests entered by companies. You may also enter your own company's quotation request.

Business Search

Basic Search

Using the basic search, you may search for company-related information. By using selection options given below the search fields, you may limit your search to cover all information, company name, field of industry, decision-maker's name or business ID.

  • Selection: 'All' - your search will cover all available company information
  • Selection: 'Business name' - your criteria will be limited to business names
  • Selection: 'Industry' - your criteria will be limited to branch of industry information
  • Selection: 'Business ID': Enter company ID if you wish to search based on business ID
  • Selection 'Manager's name': Enter manager's name if you wish to search based on manager's name

There are two search fields. The first search field is intended for business name, search word, branch of industry, manager's name or business ID.

In the second field, you may regionally limit your search based on province, city or postal code. Provinces and cities may also be selected using available links which will open alphabetical listings or by writing the name of the province or city directly into the search field.

The Close link will close the other search field. If the second search field was closed during your last session it will remain closed when you activate the service again.

Advanced search

You may limit your advanced search to include all locations, headquarters only or branch offices only.

You may specify your search by adding one or several criteria. The search will then take place only within the given criteria.

Available search criteria:

  • B name
  • Search word/branch of industry (branch of industry limitation)
  • Manager's name
  • Manager's remit ? select on drop-down menu
  • Manager's job title
  • Street address
  • Postal code
  • City
  • Telephone number
  • Website address
  • Company ID

Once you have selected to search based on manager's title, remit, street address postal code or city, you will receive some 20 results. For managing larger target groups to cover customer acquisition and marking purposes, we recommend that you use Targeting Engine To activate the Targeting Engine, please contact our customer service by e-mail or call 20 692 999.

Search based on financial information

  • You may search company financial information by selecting one of the following:
  • Personnel category
  • Net sales category
  • Financial period result
  • Establishment year

You may limit your search by entering given limitations and/or by using the links available below the search fields.

Manager's search

Using the manager's search you can search company managers by using one of the following search criteria:

  • Manager's name
  • Operative responsibility persons of the company
  • Members of the Board of Directors

You may limit your search by region and/or branch of industry using the links given below the search fields.

If you have selected the manager's name to be entered into the first search field, write the required name into the second field. You may enter it in using sequence first name second name, second name first name or both divided by a comma. Name information is obligatory.

If you have selected an operative responsible person of the company as a criteria in the first drop-down menu, enter the name of the company in the second field and specify the responsibility area of the person concerned on the drop-down menu in the third search field.

If you have selected a member of the board of directors as a criteria in the first search field, write the name of the company in the second field and then select decision-maker of the drop-down menu in the third search field.

A manager's search will provide name and title of the mnager and company name, postal code and locality. Click the company name to reach the company's profile page.

Manager's telephone number search (at a fee)

The telephone number search will provide personal telephone numbers, however excluding secret numbers or prepaid extension numbers.

You may carry out your search based on manager's name or telephone number, and using the selections available under the search fields you may limit your search to concern all numbers, mobile telephone numbers only or business extensions only. You may also regionally limit your search by entering province, city, location or postal code into the second search field.

Pay for the telephone number search by SMS

Each telephone number search costs ¤ 0,25 and payment takes place via SMS. To access SMS payment, please click the manager's name on the search result page and you will see the SMS payment window including detailed instructions.

After you have remitted your payment, the search result will open on a popup window, where it can be printed.

Contact List

On your contact list, you may collect contact information from Finder search results or from individual reply pages. You may save a total of 40 contacts.

The Contact list is session-specific, i.e., it will be deleted once you log out.

To save contact information on the contact list:

You may save a maximum of 40 contacts at a time.

Finder's search result pages will display a list of contact information found. Please mark the check boxes for information you wish to save on your contact list. You may add contacts from individual result pages by pressing Save on Contact List. The list is available to you as long as you are logged in the service and you can

  • print contact information found or save it in document format
  • send SMS to mobile telephone numbers on the list
  • send contact information to a mobile phone
  • send contact information to Outlook.

Targeting Engine is a suitable tool for defining larger target groups for customer acquisition or marketing purposes. To access the Targeting Engine, please call our customer service at 020 692 999 or write to

Public Tenders

As provided for by law, public procurement projects exceeding a value of ¤ 15,000 are subject to competitive assessment. Under Tenders on Finder you can find all tenders issued by the public sector within the EU. You may reply to quotation requests and obtain information on successful bidders on the service.

You may search for public tenders by product category all over the EU or within a defined country.

Finder's media customers also have access to the Public Tender Alert, which will inform about new request for tender entered on the service within a certain branch of industry.

Basic search

Select product category on the drop-down menu of the first search field and specify desired country or entire EU on the second.

Search results will be displayed according to publish date.

Advanced search

  • Public tenders may be limited by using the following criteria to be selected on the drop-down menu:
  • Document type
  • Agreement type
  • Type of proceedings
  • Type of tender
  • Granting organisation
  • Conditions of grant
  • Render regulations
  • Publish date
  • Countries
  • Product category (CPV code)

You may also limit your search by way of entries into the following search fields:

  • Word included in heading
  • Granting organisation
  • Free word search/product
  • Successful quotation
  • Precise document number

Quotation requests entered by private companies

On Finder Commercial Search you may search quotation requests entered by private companies either using free word search or searching by country or category. The quotation request search is free of charge.

Basic search

In the first search field, define the category/categories you want your quotation request search to cover. Available categories are given on the drop-down menu. Define country in the second search field. Default is Finland.

Search results will be displayed by publish date, but you may also use the following criteria for order sequence:

  • Category
  • Closing date
  • Province
  • Work start date

Free word search

When using free word search, write all search words into the same search field. The search will cover the entire extent of the quotation request.

Reply to quotation request

At the end of the quotation request content page you will find the button Reply to this quotation request. Click this to obtain a pre-made reply template where you can fill in your own information and write your message. You may also add exhibits. Replies will be sent to the e-mail address defined by the party who has entered the quotation request. You may also click a checkbox to send your reply to your own e-mail address.

Entering public quotation requests on the service

You may also enter your own company's public quotation request on Finder Commercial Search to be accessible by all service users. You may enter your quotation request free of charge, but you must register on the service.

Using the template on the service you may define your quotation request in large detail. Complete the form by entering your company details, a work description and possibly required special competence. Using the template you can define your quotation request in detail and also add exhibits to describe the work required.

Any quotation request you enter on the service will be automatically saved on your My Pages section, where you may edit them later. You may use any quotation request saved on your My Pages section in case you wish to send the same quotation request to named companies given on search result pages.

On Finder Commercial Search, published public quotation requests will be grouped by category and Finder users may reply to these directly on the service.

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